TMEPiD Partnering with Advance Family Planning (AFP) project.

TMEPiD is currently partnering with Advance Family Planning (AFP) project whereby it is implementing two objectives whereby we are advocating for community based provision of injectable contraceptive through trained CHWs (task shifting) and endorsement of Sayanna Press (DMPA) in the list of short term FP method. Recently we met with relevant advocacy partners to share developments, emerging lessons including challenges, way forward and areas that we could join hands

We discovered that there is enough documented evidence on potentials that CHWs have for the task shifting and there are also good lessons from pilot project implemented in Kilombero district through CONNECT project by IHI
On the other hand, Sayana Press was registered in 2017 and is being piloted and available through private sector and not public. New clients pay 2,500 Tanzania shillings (Tshs), which is less then a dollar, and recurring clients pay 2,000 Tshs at DKT Trust Clinics.
In that regard, TMEPiD joined hands with DKT and had a snap survey through clients exit interviews in July 2019 and discovered that there is a good number of clients, even though at a slow pace. Almost all clients appreciated the services at DKT clinic in Dodoma, expressed preference to DMPA-SC because they did not experience side effects such as headaches and bleeding. Some urged the government to DMPA-SC in public facilities
TMEPiD plan to use the information to facilitate engagement of MoH and policy makers and get support for endorsement of Sayana Press as a short-term FP method to be provided in public facilities.