Welcome To TMEPiDOn Involvement and Active participation

Tanzania Men as Equal Partners in Development (TMEPID) is an NGO promoting male involvement and participation in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRH&R), maternal and child health, as well as promoting gender equality in social and economic development activities in the country.


Our Perspective

Communities fully exercising their rights to social and economic development opportunities

-The role of men in families.

-Fatherly responsibilities.


To promote gender-oriented sexual reproductive health rights with focus on male involvement and participation in improving access to better health care, women empowerment and to social economic services


Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

-Enhanced participation of men in promoting Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
-Improved access to and utilization of SRH including HIV/AIDS services by all regardless of age, sex and sexual orientation
-Improved access to safe maternal and child health services

Gender Equality

-Women and men have equal rights to health and social economic opportunities at family, community and national level
-Reduction of Gender
– Based Violence in communities

Youth Economic Empowerment

-Increased access to source of financial support schemes by youth and integrate them in their club activities
-Men and boys supporting economic initiatives of women and girls

What we offerThe TMEPiD Initiatives & Undertakings


Spreading the word on equality and equal responsibility through out the whole society


Equipping the male participants with requisite knowledge on the duty of participation


Organizing practival activities to build acceptability of the participation and involvement


Specifically giving men the opportunity to be part of what they are expected of by families


Imparting skills from experienced societies and working examples that bring transformation


Sharing experiences between families and societies with varying & different cultures

TestimonialsProven success from successful families